The Losers Club of 'It' Dreamcast Their Adult Counterparts, Let's Judge Them - adult counterparts


The "It Chapter Two" Adult Cast Bonded With The Kid Cast By Playing A "Speed Dating" Game adult counterparts

“During the production, we started playing with names and speculating who would play the [adult] counterparts," said the helmer. "I was very.

We can hope that Lillis grows up to be just like her on-screen adult counterpart, and she's already well on her way. Though she's only 17 years.

DISCUSSION: Since they cast the adult counterparts for the Shazamily What Why didn't you keep it consistent on which side the child actor and adult actor go.

See how the kid actors from 'It' compare to the adult actors playing the same parts in 'Chapter 2'.

The Adult Cast Of 'IT: Chapter Two' Vs. Their Younger Counterparts List Rules Vote up the best casting of the adult Losers' Club and their bullies. Just two little.