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Bed wetting is normal for children due to the deficiency of a specific hormone and deep sleeping. But when it starts to happen to adults, is it.

It affects about one person in 100 throughout adult life but you probably thought that you were the only one. Some people wet the bed all their lives. Others.

Many people wet the bed at night, although few people talk about it. In fact, one person in every 100 may be affected throughout adult life. Most people Bedwetting can also affect self-esteem which can put a strain on personal relationships. Research has shown that nocturnal enuresis can occur due to a genetic link.

The right eye shows a white spot in the middle this is a 'drusenoid PED', part of the condtion. Adult Bests usually occurs in both eyes, but here the left eye is.

A "wet circuit" is a breathing circuit with active humidification, as opposed to a " dry circuit" that uses a Heat and Moisture Exchanger References and Links Humidification during mechanical ventilation in the adult patient.