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Learn about the mouse cage requirements and find the perfect home So, a cage that is suitable for around 4 rats, will comfortably house around 8 mice. hamster cages, and is suitable for the average adult sized mouse.

The tight 1/2-Inch Bar Spacing is suitable to house both the baby and Adult Mice. The cage includes Dual front doors for access and exit, and a.

Corncob bedding (diameter, 1/4 in.; Bed-O'cobs, The Andersons, Maumee OH) . In cages housing 5 adult male mice, the data points fit a linear model, with a.

Maximum Housing Densities for Rat and Mouse Cages. 1) Maximum mouse housing densities for a standard mouse shoebox cage: a) 4 adult mice (over 35.

Animal/Cage type. Cage size (in2)*. Maximum number of animals. Small mouse static microisolator cage. 60. 5 mice 4 adult mice ≥25g. 2 adults with.