Pharmacological agents that affect sperm motility. - do antibiotics hurt sperm


Can You Get Pregnant On Antibiotics? A Fertility Expert Explains do antibiotics hurt sperm

Most of the medications that affect sperm will decrease production, causing a And what he does today will show up in his sperm two to three months from now. other antibiotics may have a minor effect on sperm function, Dr. Murray says.

For humans, infertility or significant alterations in semen parameters have been that treatment with antibiotics may adversely affect the fertility potential of men.

A large number of drugs have a toxic influence on sperm motilityMATERIAL AND METHODS: We tested the influence of some antibacterial antibiotics on rat.

genesis or sperm function have been demonstrated The effects of antibiotics on fertility and the im- .. does not appear to affect the motility and viability.

Researchers found that male pseudoscorpions given the antibiotic tetracycline suffer from significantly reduced sperm health and even pass.