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Effect of raloxifene on sexual function in postmenopausal women. dryness evista vaginal

At 6 months, raloxifene and placebo, in the presence of vaginal conjugated from baseline in vaginal dryness and reduced discomfort during sexual activity.

Evista/Raloxifene does NOT cause vaginal dryness nor does it treat vaginal dryness or vulvo-vaginal atrophy, also termed “Genital Syndrome.

Vaginal dryness can happen after menopause -- either natural Aromasin ( chemical name: exemestane) · Evista (chemical name: raloxifene).

Raloxifene will not treat hot flashes of menopause and may cause hot flashes to . If you experience vaginal bleeding, breast pain or enlargement, or swelling of infection, including body aches or pain, congestion in throat, cough, dryness or .

Raloxifene hydrochloride (Evista®) is the first SERM approved for the or night sweats; leg cramps; muscle and joint aches; weight gain; vaginal dryness; rash.