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Ear infections in adults (middle ear): Causes, symptoms, and treatment earache adult

Parents know how common earaches are in children, but adults can get frequent ear pain, too. You don't have to have an infection, or even.

People often make an immediate association between earache and ear infection. However, discomfort in and around the ear can be caused by.

An earache may affect one or both ears, but the majority of the time it’s in one ear. If you have an ear infection, fever and temporary hearing loss may occur. Earaches can develop from ear infections or injury.

Ear infections are less common in adults than in children, but they may be Along with an earache, you may sense fullness in your ear and have some fluid.

Earache is a common problem, particularly in children. It can be worrying, but it's usually only caused by a minor infection and will often get better in a few days.