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Lupe Fiasco Lyrics hustlers customers lyrics by lupe fiasco

Hustlers and Customers Lyrics: Professional thugs, police raids, federal bugs / Who else is here, Belvidere, several jugs / Home made rocks, eye-drops, and.

Hustlaz Due Lyrics: Ah ha / Talk to 'em / It's what hustler's do / This is a hustler's song / This hustle is gone / Let me tell you what this fellow like / Caught Fiasco. Originally appearing as Hustlaz Due on the Lupe the Jedi mixtape, this song was eventually meant to read more». 1 I'm a customer too, it's what hustler's do.

A LOT of lyrics from Body Of Work. tbr, A LOT from the entirety of the coolest nigga what.. and you know, hustlers with their tax evasion.

Lupe Fiasco lyrics - all songs lyrics sorted by album year. DETAILED EXPLANATION OF LUPE FIASCO'S TETSUO & YOUTH .. Hustlers and Customers.

Lupe Fiasco regularly writes lyrics that reflect on the social consequences of poverty in When he passes by the hustlers and drug dealers who offer him work he still he must beg for food is because his mother is one of their best customers.