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Crossroads Church says… lost virginity at ten

When I was 7 I had a 10 year old neighbor named Diane. We used to hang out all the time, we were thick as thieves and completely.

11 'How I Lost My Virginity' Stories That Are Awkward And Then Or maybe your partner will starfish their way through the whole thing ― all 10 seconds of it. “I was in college and determined to lose my virginity so I just.

I wanted to tell him that I lost my virginity when I was nine-years-old. We made it work for a while, but we lost our house when I was about seven-years-old.

When I was a freshman my friend told me that she lost hers at 10 in a project Had a guy tell me he ''lost his virginity'' at 7 to an older girl.

Like that very select group of people who are desperate to spread their virginity losing stories far and wide. And this Reddit thread invites those.