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“Lucy, Daughter of the Devil”: Wicked fun from Adult Swim – Variety lucy adult swim

Lucy, daughter of Satan, struggles to find a boyfriend free of her father's meddling. Satan buys Tequila Sally's, a chain of cheesy restaurants, and Lucy convinces him to hire DJ Jesus to be the karaoke disc jockey or KJ. Satan and Becky, the Devil's advocate, believe if the people.

Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil is an American computer-animated television series aired by the Cartoon Network's late-night programming block Adult Swim.

Lucy, The Daughter Of The Devil aired on Adult Swim from 2005-2007. The show was created, written, directed and produced by Loren Bouchard with additional.

Lucy is the 21 year old daughter of Satan in this dark comedy. The first, and so far, only Adult Swim show with a female protagonist until 2018, when.

Like most of the shows on Adult Swim, the humor in “Lucy” is surreal and uninhibited by traditional standards of TV decorum, and unbound by.