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Why Do Some People Suddenly Develop Food Allergies Later in Life? - VICE nut allergy adult

Forty-eight percent of the adult population with a convincing food You should also avoid tree nuts, like walnuts or almonds, if they bother you.

The few population-based studies to date that examined adult food allergy have focused on a limited number of specific allergens (eg, peanut).

Yup, you can suddenly develop a food allergy as an adult. Ogden says she sees shellfish, fish, and tree nut allergies the most with adults.

It is possible to develop a tree nut allergy as an adult. Most food allergies start in childhood, but they can also develop in adults. It is unknown why some adults.

Yet no adult is truly immune to food allergy. Some food allergies — especially to peanuts, tree nuts (which include almonds, cashews, and.