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A domestic or domesticated rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)—more commonly known as a pet . An older term for an adult rabbit is coney, while rabbit once referred only to the young animals. .. Dark fryers (any other color but albino whites) are sometimes lower in price than albino fryers because of the slightly darker tinge of.

Breeds are conveniently grouped by adult size, which is also related to production characters such as precocity, prolificacy, growth rate and age at maturity.

The only season when the adult coat is stable and homogeneous is winter. .. of the rabbit with ordinary (short) hair grows at the same rate but for only 5 weeks.

The New Zealand White (NZW) rabbit was obtained in 1991 by Charles River Heart Rate (beats per minute). 130-325 Weight Range Adult Female. 2-6 kg.

There is no known method of equalizing differences in the sizes of rabbits, which have a sevenfold range in adult weights, whereby a single value will. to 7 kg., the total heat production increases at a constant rate and can be predicted by the .