- video adult male


video adult male

I had almost forgotten that I had taken video of this handsome little male Phidippus clarus. Note the beautiful metallic scales between the red regions of the abdomen. You and Torn80cj have the most awesome videos of jumping spiders.

Yet another beautiful Phidippus mystaceus - surely one of the most striking salticid species present in Oklahoma. Thomas Shahan 775,836 views. Macro Photography - Some Surprising Results!.

A fairly common species in my area with beautiful orange facial markings. The music is an acoustic intrumental cover of the Bee Gee's "First of.

Been searching for one of these guys for about 3 years now - what an absolutely beautiful spider!.

I this video I cover how to draw the adult male head. The guide I made can be found at: http://www.sycra.net/maleheadproportions.jpg Tools.