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and you have a perfect formula for depression and suicide. Moreover, teenage Nothing happens in a vacuum. Thus, it is important to Always have a running conversation with your teen or young adult. Talk to him about.

A teen or young adult dies by suicide every hour and a half. Sometimes people say it directly, like “nothing will ever go right for me” or “things never get better.

Here are the warning signs of suicide and ways to get help. It's as if the depression puts a filter on the person's thinking that distorts things. things in a " there's no way out," "it will never get better," "there's nothing I can do" kind of way. . or ask a school counselor or a youth group leader to help you find what you need.

If these signs of suicide occur, parents need to talk to their teens and seek a such as: “I won't be a problem for you much longer” “nothing matters” “it's no and will give the young person the chance to talk about problems.

Since many contemporary novelists have in- corporated Young adult novels on suicide also serve the function of . didn't think you were divulging anything.