- 5 1 2 in dick


5 1 2 in dick

Answered Jul 7, 2016. Originally Answered: Is a 5 1/2 inch penis satisfying for most women? . (Average Dick Size – The King's College Study). Penis sizes are.

An average dick is 13 inches long. So, you've This is the internet and I've got a 16 inch cock. WoTFan Average is around 5 1/2 - 6 inches.

“15 percent of men have a 5 inch penis,” says Rowe — or about 1 in 7 men on how to compensate for your average-sized cock,” says Play.

is a 5 1/2 inch penis small. I had a bad experience with a total slut, she said the size of my dick was small and laughed and kicked me out. EDIT; thanks for the.

2 Mar 2015 23:09. 43 44. I love metric! As a male I am . impressed by my twelve finches. But sadly she didn't hang around to see a cock or two.