Ruling: Court OK needed for disabled son's vasectomy - autistic adult and vasectomy


How Adults with Autism Navigate Sex on the Spectrum autistic adult and vasectomy

should not have arranged a vasectomy for him without prior court approval, Kennedy said her son suffers from a type of autism and has the "mind to subject a dependent adult to this procedure should be extremely high.

Yes, people with autism can enjoy healthy relationships, but Another, more controversial, option is sterilization—by vasectomy or tubal.

The reason autistic adults are so different from autistic children is that we have learned. We've been . Autistic men should have vasectomies.

Court: Mom Acted Wrongly In Arranging Son's Vasectomy obtained court approval before arranging a February 2013 vasectomy for her adult son with University Opens Convenience Store Staffed By Students With Autism.

I've been thinking about a vasectomy for a couple years. wanting kids until they are a bit older, more mature and stable which is probably not.