Watch: Women start vicious FIST FIGHT on Erdington High Street - Birmingham Live - brick fight fist street


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confident that I'd win this fight and, in the process, get some approval from Bob and I got into my best fighting position, fists out, as we squared up for the fight. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that there was a brick lying on the ground not too.

Bricks, clubs, and other missiles were used by the combatants, most of whom allegedly cursed a white man on the street and the two engaged in a fist fight.

The muscleman punches his fist into a wall.8 The [brick] wall collapses. It is interesting to pause at these two fist fights: the street urchin's with the boy and the .

You want to know how to end a street fight as fast as you can without hurting yourself. The hammer fist strike you are less likely to break your hand when hitting the . 50,000 volts through the attacker's body to drop them like a ton of bricks.