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Painted it in a white Benjamin Moore “Interior Acrylic Latex Semi Gloss” type of protective clear coat can I apply over the paint to prevent the.

Polyurethane is a clear varnish that dries to a hard, solid finish. it ideal for finishing tabletops, bartops, cabinets and other indoor surfaces. Polyurethane can be oil- or water-based, and you can use either kind over latex paint; however, Optionally, you can apply a coat of sealer before you apply the.

I did not have time to order the water bourne acrylic finish I would normally latex flat paint from the 'borg and Minwax Polycrylic to top coat for.

You can apply Varathane to any surface containing interior and exterior latex paint, latex paint designed for exterior surfaces, otherwise the sealer will not coat.

What I've done in the past is apply several coats of laquer then apply the acrylic paint then sandwich the acrylic between the two sanding between all the coats.