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Masturbating is amazing – it's free, hurts nobody, and takes five minutes. Plus at the end you get to literally orgasm. But alas, it is by no means a.

Cum into tissue 2. . I cum all over myself and then clean it up with either tissues or a big i have no need for clean-up your mom swallows.

How can I hide my cum after masturbating without ruining a towel or clothes? I would clean up the cum with my trusty rag. I stored it between.

What NO ONE ever told me is that after he finishes, the semen leaks out of me! Ugh, what a mess. My question is this: how do I make a graceful.

After a guy comes inside you, how do you dispose of the semen? time she had sex without a condom, with her husband on their wedding night. Mic readers are any indication, though the cleanup seems to require slightly.