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In the most notable and controversial set of panels: 009 and 003 are taken back to a time when they gave in to their desire for sex, with 003.

I've had an obsession with Cyborg 009 for some time, but I can't that the manga included a sex scene between him and Francoise/003.

Cyborg 009 is a manga series by Shotaro Ishinomori. fan complaints over the structure and the sex scene between 009 and 003, as well as other difficulties in .

Contents[show] Overview In re-imagining Cyborg 009 for the year 2012, "RE:" version of 003 was depicted in several fanservice-laden or sexual situations.

This is what any of us were seeing in the series of Cyborg 009. They even had sex at one point, something you don't often see. Reply.