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Accessibility tactile warning strips & tiles - Tarkett detectable warning strips

Detectable warning surfaces are strips of small, raised, color-contrasting circles on pedestrian ramps. They are required by the Americans with.

Picture of Accessibility tactile warning strips & tiles The strips should contrast in colour with the surrounding floor covering to ensure clear.

Armor Tile ADA compliance Cast In Place Tactile Walking Surface Indicator system. available with Federal Color identification; advanced warning strip - 3" x 48", Armor-Tile™ Cast in Place Tactile Detectable Warning Surface products for.

The tactile warning selected for use on ADA curb ramps was truncated domes, . as detectable warnings, tactile tiles, and tactile paving, replaceable ADA strips.

Tactile paving is a system of textured ground surface indicator found on footpaths , stairs and train station platforms to assist pedestrians who are visually impaired. Tactile warnings provide a distinctive surface pattern of truncated domes, . The purpose of the central delineator strip is to help vision-impaired pedestrians.