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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun. In the first shot, the couple are all smiles, and in the second photo, Foster pumps his fist while his wife throws up the.

You can also foster a child, which means the child lives in your home for a time. Foster can be a verb (to foster someone or something) or an adjective used to describe a foster family, child, or parent. The word is from the Old English fostrian meaning "to supply with food.

6 days ago foster definition: 1. to take care of a child, usually for a limited time, without being the child's legal parent: 2. Learn more.

the closed fist and the open hand. The closed fist . to the definition of the ideal orator as being "a good . to foster the growing orientation of the period to the.

The definitions of type as well as the severity criteria for study inclusion are with a fist, kicking, choking, holding under water) that endangered well-being but.