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When a girl who is a virgin has sex for the first time with a guy. A piece of skin inside Making her bleed. When your cherry is popped you only bleed the first time.

When marzia explained to felix what “pop the cherry” meant. When a guy takes away a girl's virginity by having sex with her breaking her hymen(a thin layer of.

Popping your cherry refers to the breaking of the hymen, a thin layer of skin in the vagina (stretching open) or “popping” of the hymen during vaginal sex (penis- in-vagina intercourse). Some girls don't even have a hymen.

The concept of female "virginity" has a complicated history, and has often of an unbroken hymen, and thus, proof that a woman had not had sex before. . "But the idea of 'popping your cherry' is not the momentous event.

hymens don't break - here's the TRUTH about the "pop your cherry" myth! everyday i'm This video may be inappropriate for some users.