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When I first met my husband, he was in shorts. He had some pretty hairy legs. I could also see that he could grow a beard if he didn't shave his face. Our next.

Over half regularly shave their leg, chest and back hair, and nearly as many groom their eyebrows on a weekly basis. A survey by Cosmopolitan, meanwhile, revealed that 90% of men trim or completely remove their pubic hair regularly. Waxing rips hairs out from the root and offers.

Untitled (Hairy Chest, Bathingsuit, and Hairy Legs of Man on Reclining Chair at Untitled (Closeup of Woman in Dark Bikini Mid-Chest to Mid-Thigh), 1973/76.

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Shout out to my chest hairs. I can tolerate leg and arm hair. But then there are the pernicious patches of hair in hard-to-reach places (Back hair!.