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Opinion: Underarm hair is natural so why do people reel in horror from my hairy armpits? hairy pits female

Women celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Bella Thorne, and Miley Cyrus have When brands use models who rock hairy pits, legs, bikini lines.

Julia Roberts: America’s sweetheart, Hollywood royalty – and an early pioneer of armpit-hair acceptance. Her look at the 1999 premiere of Notting Hill, beaming in a red sequined Vivienne Tam dress, arm raised to reveal a dark tuft, was immediately celebrated as a subversive.

Believe it or not, but armpit hair is the latest trend among women on Instagram. These ladies are not ashamed to flaunt their hairy armpits, and you shouldn't.

When you are female, growing your armpit hair provokes a deep fury While I personally had always found hairy armpits a bit 'out there' and.

These 20 female celebs with armpit hair are badass. Shaving is the pits, which is why these badass female celebs . I had hairy armpits.”.