Skip and Go Naked Cocktail - Heather Christo - how to make skip and go naked


Strip and Go Naked Recipe - how to make skip and go naked

Skip and Go Naked Cocktail. I could not help but think about this drink today as we enjoyed a clear sunny day in the 60's here in Seattle today (I.

cup frozen pink lemonade concentrate. Fill a blender half way with ice. Pour in beer, lemonade, and vodka.

"A quick, inexpensive, good tasting, inhibitor breaking, outdoor party making drink for adults. Best if made with cheap beer and whiskey. Give your car keys to a.

Explore more. Hop, Skip, and Go Naked Recipe - Lemonade made hard with the addition of You can also make this with limeaide and it has a margarita taste!.

Have you ever had a Skip and Go Naked? This sweet lemony drink is seriously refreshing and the perfect poolside or lakeside (just make that.