Learning How to Use a Male Condom - how to wear a male condom


How do I use a condom? - NHS how to wear a male condom

If you want your condom to work, you've got to use it correctly. vagina, anus, buttocks, and upper thighs) — and wear it the whole time you're having sex.

The Right Way To Use A Male Condom: Condom Dos and Don'ts - How To Put On and Take Off a Male Condom.

This is an instructional guide I made for men, for educational purposes only, showing how to use a condom on an (uncircumcized) penis, with.

It's not difficult to use a male condom the right way. However, it's very easy to use one the wrong way. Below, you will find instructions for how to.

What is a male condom? Condoms can be used to prevent pregnancy. They can also help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You must use a.