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What's the smallest penis you've ever laughed at? - GirlsAskGuys laughed at his dick

I did, I laughed hard enough till tears flow down my cheeks. I had a reputation of being “very easy” during my high school. I like sleeping around with boys.

I've now become completely depressed and worried when I'm walking down the street that people will somehow notice, point and laugh at my tiny tackle.

A patient at a Reston, Virginia hospital decided to leave his phone recording while he was sedated on an operating table during a colonoscopy.

It didn't help that we were watching a comedy. But I literally couldn't stop laughing while his dick was in my hands, like there were tears in my eyes. Then he.

Men are peculiarly sensitive about their private parts and dissatisfaction with penis size is a surprisingly common preoccupation. In a 2013 US.