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Hi! We are a same sex family with a 3 year old daughter. We are in south Florida and eventually want to make it up north. (To escape this heat!).

Learn which 5 states are the most LGBTQ+ family-friendly states and are ideal to move to start your LGBTQ+ family! Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning, intersex, asexual, and .. Massachusetts.

If you're considering a move to Massachusetts, here are seven Northampton offers the largest number of lesbians per capita in the nation.

The Pioneer Valley is the colloquial and promotional name for the portion of the Connecticut River Valley that is in Massachusetts in the United States. It is generally taken to comprise the three counties of Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin. The lower Pioneer Valley corresponds to the Springfield, Massachusetts . The City of Chicopee features the confluence of the fast-.

271); as “the emblematic event in modern lesbian and gay history” on Fire Island; Northampton, Massachusetts; Buffalo, New York; Columbia, South Carolina; Why did so many gays and lesbians move to a relatively small number of cities.