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His two paintings are entitled La maja vestida (The Clothed Maja) and La maja desnuda (The Nude Maja) were painted around 1800 and 1803.

An image of Venus in the nude, lying on a green velvet divan with pillows and a In 1808 it is mentioned again, along with The Clothed Maja.

This painting is first mentioned in 1808 along with its companion, The Nude Maja (P00742), in the inventory of the property of Manuel Godoy.

The Clothed Maja is a pendant painting by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya between . The Naked Maja (1958 film); Goya, a Story of Solitude (1971 film); Goya or the Hard Way to Enlightenment (1971 film); Goya: A Life in Song ( 1989.

The Nude Maja is a name given to a c. 1797–1800 oil on canvas painting by the Spanish artist . One early account gives the Clothed Maja placed in front of the current work; the pull of a cord revealed the nude version. Today they are hung.