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oral contraceptive and lipids pathology

Serum lipids in women on oral contraceptives in Zaria-Nigeria. Yahaya IA(1), Afonja OA. Author information: (1)Department of Chemical Pathology, Ahmadu.

Jun 3, 2014 Oral contraceptives (OCs) alter the lipid profile through the genomic pathway, .. Correspondence: George A Asare, Chemical Pathology Unit.

oral contraceptive (OC) use in women that canal- ter certain lipid subfractions either in a favorable same pathology caused by adverse biochemical changes in.

May 18, 2017 In women with polycystic ovary syndrome, the use of any oral contraceptive was associated with a rise in triglyceride and total cholesterol levels.

Feb 6, 2017 hepatic enzymes, lipid profile, oral contraceptives, paraoxonase .. more physiological than pathological and they often return to normal.