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Kogia breviceps — Pygmy Sperm Whale pygmy sperm whale live

The pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) is one of two extant species in the family Kogiidae . around one year of age. They are believed to live up to age 23 .

In the United States, pygmy sperm whales live off the coasts of Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, the North Atlantic, and the northern Gulf of Mexico. They may be.

The pygmy sperm whale is a toothed whale that belongs to the cetacean species prefer to live in tropical and subtropical climates, however due the difficulty of.

Kogia breviceps species guide - the pygmy sperm whale was only identified in By supporting WDC, you can help pygmy sperm whales to live safe and free.

Pygmy sperm whales, Kogia breviceps (Blainville, 1838), aka Cogia breviceps ( Benham, 1901), Euphisetes pottsi (Tomilin, 1957), Euphysetes grayii (Wall.