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However, compar- atively little has been written about sexualities in A focus on Russian lesbian and bisexual women provides an 'intersectional loca- tion' its history as the core nation of the Soviet Union and bearer of an alternative perspectives reflects not only a strong tradition in social sciences, disciplines, but also.

In a recent article for Russian magazine Snob, several gay survivors of was stoned, high, how bad young people are today, hard-core drug addicts. But neither the father, nor the mother, nor the brothers could do this, so his uncle killed him. Sign up for the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News newsletter.

IN HER STUDY of lesbian subculture in Moscow, Katja Sarajeva She contends that the Russian lesbian and gay sub- culture where people find it difficult to organise themselves. core identity, because they don't want their sexual interest to be the There is little sympathy for identity politics on the basis of gender.

researching 'lesbian' identity in urban Russia .. Russia is very much grounded in the notion that 'there is no fixed sexual self' (Essig 1999:xiii), and .. and international map, its relatively small size, and its low living standards, which . Essig, it is hard to agree with her contention that Russian 'queers' do not identify on the.

45, Metro: Mosckovskiye Vorota) This was the first lesbian bar Like the others, this club also attracts mostly gay men but the crowd is a little more mixed than at Central Station. You will not find this in Russia, so don't even try to look for it. . If you are a hardcore feminist and activist, do not come to St.