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I took two or three photos and made a $75 sale in one hour. Now, selling your dirty underwear to random people on the Internet . with undie fetishes from here to Greece, and the men want to stay as anonymous as I do.

We spoke to women who sell their used underwear to see if it's as lucrative as it seems can buy and sell used underwear, as well as other fetish items such as socks or tights. Buoyed by the promise of guaranteed sales and a $200 a day . Some don't care at all about the style and just want a mess.

The biggest online marketplace for buying and selling used panties. Sellers can set their own prices and sell worn panties as they wish to our eagerly waiting.

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Selling Used Panties Online Is Harder Than You Think to buying panties, and even entire purpose-built websites for panty sales all encourage us to believe that used panties are widely-sought fetish objects—detached from the she quickly discovered that most wanted panties that were worn for two or.