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Life's Little Games 3 by ~no1sangel07 sango and kagome having sex

Sango sniffled a little and buried her face in Kagome's chest. Kagome moaned a little louder and ground her sex against Sango's. Kagome.

But I couldn't help but think, I never saw Inuyasha as a sex god, per se. . Kagome watched in surprise as Sango blushed and looked away.

It wasn't that the idea of homosexual sex in and of itself was really so disgusting to Miroku didn't even make a grab for Sango's ass as he sat beside the youkai .

Sango began to strip Kagome of her pink lacy bra, licking her shoulder where the strap had been. She threw it to the side of the spring. Then she ripped her.

Sango and Miroku walked from out the house with a bunch of chips and cold drinks. Miroku put the cold "I think Kohaku is having sex with that little girl." Sango.