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Sex Differences and Role of Estradiol in Hypoglycemia-Associated Counter-Regulation. sex and hypoglycemia

Aug 4, 2018 DiabetesMine's weekly advice column explores the risk of having wild sex while purposely letting your blood sugar drop low.

Jun 9, 2013 One of my least favorite parts about diabetes is dealing with diabetes and sex. It's one of the surest reminders that I am not normal. And I have it.

If you are prone to hypoglycemia when you exercise or at night, you may also have a low blood glucose reaction following sexual activity. This is when your blood glucose levels typically dip, so you may need to adjust your insulin or have a snack before or after sexual activity.

Hypoglycemia can occur during sex. You may also suffer from a night time hypo as the physical exertions of sex mean that in some ways it makes sense to treat.

Hypoglycemia and sexual relationships. It should go without saying that hypos are an unwanted inconvenience when it comes to enjoying sex. Having to put the .