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Practice and experience aren't the only ingredients to reaching greater self- fulfillment with sexuality. Keep in mind that sexuality is not just.

Self-actualization represents the growth of an individual toward fulfillment of the highest needs. And we are all capable of achieving it.

Self-actualization is a term that has been used in various psychology theories, often in different Maslow defined self-actualization to be "the desire for self- fulfillment, namely the tendency for him [the . for social acceptance, affiliations, a sense of belongingness and being welcome, sexual intimacy, and perhaps a family.

Similar to Goldstein, Maslow saw self-actualization as the fulfillment of one's These include friendship, family, and sexual love, as well as the.

relationship between female sexual enjoyment and self-actualization also holds for males and a positive correlation between self-actualization and sexual satisfaction. .. ZILBERGELD, B. Male sexuality: A guide to sexual fulfillment. Boston.