What Are the Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer? - sexual practices and cervical cancer


Determinants of sexual activity and its relation to cervical cancer risk among South African Women sexual practices and cervical cancer

As expected, cervical cancer risk is associated with increased sexual activity. Initiatives to encourage later commencement of sex, and limiting.

Cervical cancer and sexual lifestyle: a systematic review of health education such as condom use for sexual intercourse, partner reduction or abstinence, or a .

There is convincing evidence that the following factors increase your risk for cervical cancer. Infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). Sexual activity.

HPV can be spread from one person to another during skin-to-skin contact. One way HPV is spread is through sexual activity, including vaginal.

Sociodemographic Inequalities in Sexual Activity and Cervical Cancer Screening : Implications for the Success of Human Papillomavirus.