Slurp dictionary definition | slurp defined - suck and slurp


Words Slurp and Suck have similar meaning suck and slurp

1~sucking dick 2~sweating on someone hardcore. 1~that chickenhead was just slurpin him 2~damn u slurp john. by katiecutie153 June 26, 2005. Get the mug.

How are the words Slurp and Suck related? Slurp and Suck are synonymous, and they have mutual synonyms.

If you suck your food noisily into your mouth, you slurp it. In Japan, it's considered good manners to slurp your noodles. Don't try that in England!.

Slurp definition, to ingest (food or drink) with loud sucking noises: He slurped his coffee. See more.

Slurp definition is - to make a sucking noise while eating or drinking. How to use slurp in a sentence.