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John Elkington strove to measure sustainability during the mid-1990s by encompassing a new framework to measure performance in corporate America. This accounting framework, called the triple bottom line (TBL), went beyond the traditional measures of profits, return on investment.

This study examines the relationship between 'Sustainability' and 'Triple bottom line' (TBL) as two related concepts that are used.

Corporate sustainability can be measured using the Triple Bottom Line model: corporate social responsibility (CSR), people, planet, and profit. This sustainability.

In 1994, John Elkington—the famed British management consultant and sustainability guru—coined the phrase "triple bottom line" as his way of.

The triple bottom line is an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or . The phrase, "people, planet, and profit" to describe the triple bottom line and the goal of sustainability, was coined by John Elkington in 1994 while.