Drinking in college? Yep, it hurts your GPA - teen drinkers and gpas


Drinking and Academic Performance in High School teen drinkers and gpas

To date, and to the best of our knowledge, only one other study in the literature has analyzed the consequences of underage drinking on high school GPA.

[9] Problems frequently experienced by university students due to drinking of academic performance) obtained from the registrar (student's GPA during the .. abrupt changes occur frequently in the individual drinking trajectories of teenagers.

Heavy Episodic Drinking. 14. Sources of Alcohol for Underage Drinkers. 17. Where Is Alcohol Consumed? 19. Effects of Drinking. 21. Alcohol and GPA. 21.

However, seniors who reported heavy episodic drinking experienced a 10% spent drinking was the strongest predictor of that student's GPA – even more so than Underage drinking is dangerous, not only because of the risks associated .

Unlike most college campuses, the ban on underage drinking is strictly enforced and can lead to expulsion. Surveys show that drinking before.