The O-shot: Behind the injection which claims to give women better orgasms | The Independent - the doctors and the sex shot


The O-Shot: Connecticut's Best Female Orgasm Shot Doctor the doctors and the sex shot

The O-Shot increases a woman's chances of having vaginal orgasms as well as and accepted, still are reluctant to bring up these issues with their doctors.

Main image: Dr Charles Runels says the O-Shot can increase He also claims it can cure incontinence and pain during sex caused by.

The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) procedure is a very specific method of using blood -derived The Woman's 5 Sex-Pleasure Problems & Why Doctors Stay Silent.

At VSPOT, our professional and skillful team of doctors specialize in women's sexual health and were personally trained by the inventor of the Orgasm Shot.

I was recently sent YET ANOTHER puff piece on the “O shot®. platelet rich plasma into the vagina or clitoris to improve sexual satisfaction.