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New York-based Dr Alyssa Dweck outlines vaginal itching or burning is a sign Eating unwashed fruit caused mother-of-two, 39, to suffer. .. a pixie-cut hairpiece on Malibu set of Roberto Cavalli photo shoot Unrecognisable.

“These bacteria can cause urinary tract and vaginal infections. After washing, women should pat the area dry with a clean towel," says Dr.

Putting the wrong thing in can result in a host of health issues, from major injuries and tears in your vaginal canal to infections and irritation.

Douching, or shooting water inside the vagina to flush it out, is a big no-no. So keep it away from soap, perfumes, homemade lubes, fruit.

Those substances can also be irritating to the vaginal skin, so it might seem like a good idea at the time, but you may Fruits and vegetables.