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Using a Finger Cot for Safe Sex what are finger cots and sex

Fingering can also be referred to as digital sex or heavy petting. Finger condoms are often called finger cots. Fingering is a relatively low-risk.

A finger cot is a condom for the finger used for safer sex that can reduce the risk of certain STDs. Learn how to use it properly and the possible.

The finger cot, also known as the finger condom, is a latex sheath designed to fit over a Some individuals choose to use these devices routinely for sexual play .

Finger cots also known as finger condoms can be used in multiple ways. One way "Honey before we ingage in sexual intercourse, let's have a little foreplay.".

Some customers may want you to put your finger into their bottom, or may want to put a finger into your vagina. Finger cots are latex covers which roll down to fit.