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Windows Sucks Wallpaper. 1 3 6K (1 Today). By Hockeygeek21 | Watch. Published: Just something i made because i was bored. Image size. 1600x900px.

I am used to having a WHOLE FOLDER of pictures as my wallpaper, at first Windows 10 really SUCKS at letting us PERSONALIZE things.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't create this parody of Windows XP's "Bliss" wallpaper (you may need to click the screenshot thumbnail at the left to see.

Here's our abridged list of things in Windows 10 that are as bad as stepping on a windows-10-sucks-update . Image credit: Nick Ioannou.

Wallpapers Windows by Karmakiller This reminds me of Windows Wallpapers Windows Windows sucks ("Bliss" wallpaper parody) Wallpapers Windows. 27.