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The Dick Van Dyke Show | 15 Classic TV Theme Songs That You Didn't Know Had Lyrics | Purple Clover words to the dick vandyke theme

[TV show used instrumental version, however lyrics exist for the song] And don't forget to keep your fingers crossed. (* In a 2010 interview on National Public Radio, Van Dyke revealed that Morey Amsterdam wrote a set of lyrics for the show's theme song).

One of my favorite theme songs is from The Dick Van Dyke Show that aired on CBS from 1961-1966. Produced by Carl Reiner (who also.

It's time for a cheery topic; wouldn't you agree? Something that gives me a cheery disposition is thinking about Dick Van Dyke. While driving.

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If you want to listen to Dick Van Dyke singing the song a cappella while on NPR's On a related note - the Bonanza theme song has lyrics too.