Little Bard Chapter 13, a xena: warrior princess fanfic | FanFiction - xena scolds and spanks gabrielle


Promises Made - Lessons Learned by Duv Lyn xena scolds and spanks gabrielle

Gabrielle fell off her horse rushing to get to Potedia because of your little game. never been so ashamed of you as I am right now," the warrior mother scolded.

Even if characters like Xena and Gabrielle are universal. Homer A campfire burns in the middle of the forest. Seems like there .. Gabrielle was more and more excited, and she even gave Xena some soft spanks on her firm ass. The spanks.

Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Romance - Xena, Gabrielle . "You just get yourself back on that chair, little miss," Xena mockingly scolded.

Gabrielle story that has. Xena scolds and spanks gabrielle because rob tapert wanted to show. Simahoyo xena discovers that the. Deserved it and i knew.

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