The reel deal: angler hooks world's biggest carp after 90-minute battle - asian carp world record


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Bass fisherman accidentally catches an Asian carp bigger than he could've ever imagined.

A British angler pulled in the world's biggest Siamese carp after battling the record-breaking fish for more than an hour in a Thai lagoon.

THE World carp record of 108 lb (pictured) has risen. to an incredible 112 lb 14 oz (51.2 kg) at Euro Aqua in Hungary, Angler's Mail can.

A British man has managed to catch the world's largest carp. Tim said: "It's an amazing feeling to reel in a fish that is well over the world record. "As soon as found in river basins in Asia, are the biggest species in the world.

The largest invasive Asian carp ever found in Minnesota was caught recently just off the Minnesota River, some 80 miles upstream from where.