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The Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), also called Asiatic elephant, is the only living species In zoos, Asian elephants die at a much younger age; captive populations are declining due to a low birth and high death rate. .. have about half the median life span of conspecifics in protected populations in range countries.

Wild elephants in protected areas of Africa and Asia live more than twice For African elephants, the median life span is 17 years for zoo-born.

Species: Elephas maximus; Common name: Asiatic elephant (2014), Reproductive cessation and post-reproductive lifespan in Asian elephants and.

Asian elephants typically live in small herds of related females, their female data available on wild Asian elephants to accurately estimate their lifespan.

Unfortunately, a number of factors affect the life span of elephants, both in captivity elephants live a median of 56 years in the wild, while Asian elephants live.