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Cancer Nurs. 2001 Feb;24(1):68-75. Chinese women's experiences and images of the Pap smear examination. Holroyd E(1), Twinn SF, Shia AT.

The purpose of this article is to describe experiences and challenges in establishing a South Asian Pap Test Clinic. The specialized Pap test clinic for immigrant.

The Chinese People's Armed Police Force (abbreviated: PAP) is a Chinese paramilitary police (Gendarmerie):121 force primarily responsible for internal.

The People's Action Party is a major centre-right political party in Singapore. Founded in 1954 as a pro-independence political party descended from an earlier student organization, it has gone on to dominate the political system of the nation. Since the 1959 general election, the PAP has dominated Singapore's politics .. the PAP, namely pragmatism, meritocracy.

A Pap smear was used for all women to screen for cervical cancer. The smear was Asia Pac J Oncol Nurs [serial online] 2018 [cited 2019 Oct 20];5:337-41.