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Ching Shih:65 born Shih Yang (Chinese: 石陽; 1775–1844), a.k.a. Cheng I Sao ( Chinese: 鄭一嫂), was a Chinese pirate leader who terrorized 300 junks ( traditional Chinese sailing ships) manned by 20,000 to 40,000 pirates:71—men, .

These slaves were taken from piracy on passing ships as well as There were also occasional European and Chinese captives.

Her husband, Cheng I, was the formidable commander of the Red Flag Fleet of pirate ships. He had managed to unite many rival Chinese.

Ching Shih (or Zheng Shi) was a Chinese prostitute who became a powerful female In 1801, Pirate Zhèng Yi, who commanded a fleet of ships called the “ Red.

From 1995-2013, 41% of the world's pirate attacks happened in SE Asia. The ship was carrying large quantities of fuel between Singapore and Pontianak.